How to Hang String Lights on your Pergola or Patio without Using Nails

If you’ve just installed a new covered patio, you might be wondering how to add string lights.  So let’s get you enlightened on patio lights!

You can hang festoon lights and fairy lights on your patio cover without nails by using outdoor Command hooks, zip ties, awning hangers, or Alumahooks.


How to hang festoon lights on a pergola


1. Alumahooks and Hangers

Alumahooks and hangers are by far your best option for hanging string lights on your patio cover. They can also be used on pergolas and other outdoor structures like your gutters and along roof lines. Choose whether you’d like to hang string lights on the inside or outside of your patio cover with their different hook and hanger types. These can also be used to hang plants, wind chimes, bird feeders, and misting systems. So versatile! They’re made of powder-coated steel and can withstand most weights. 


how to hang festoon lights

hanging festoon lights

hanging festoon lights


2. Zip Ties

Outdoor-rated zip ties can be used to hang string lights on your patio cover. A simple, easy solution with no drilling required. These are also a great option when installing solar festoon lights and have multiple sets. You can also use the ties to connect the two end strings so they look like one continuous set. 


how to hang festoon lights with cable ties


3. Outdoor Command Hooks

Outdoor Command hooks allow you to hang Christmas lights, rope lights, string lights, festoon lights and other decorations without the use of screws or nails. These hooks are said to withstand winter weather conditions, water, and strong UV rays. Make sure to follow their installation instructions for maximum stick. 


3M Command Hooks to hang string lights


3M command hooks to hang festoon lights


4. Awning Hangers

If you have shade screens installed on your patio cover, awning hooks could be used to hang string lights from your shade screen roller tube. If you want to put lights up temporarily, you could use these to hang string lights loosely. 

Also popular for caravan awnings, RV Super Centre sell these and this link will help understand what they are and how they can be used - click here. Excellent choice if taking your solar string lights camping!


Awning Hooks


After you’ve purchased your lights and other hanging materials, we’d recommend a few other tips during installation.

Make sure to give yourself enough length to be able to plug in the lights to your outlet. If you’re using an extension cord, make sure that it can have enough reach to your first mounting location. There is no stretch in your string light cable so always allow yourself some extra length. 

Think about your hanging pattern as this ultimately determines how many lights you need. Do you want to follow the perimeter, do an X shape or have a zig zag hang? Think about the area you are wanting to light up as the light placement will help zone this area. 

Choose the mounting locations of where you’d like your hooks, hangers, or zip ties to be. Install the hooks or hangers before hanging the lights. If you’re using zip ties, you should secure them on the light string as you work. If hanging mains powered festoon lights we recommend hanging the festoon cable first and then adding the bulbs once happy with your installation. 


how to hang string lights from a pergola

 Also keep it simple. If you have a structure like the one below you can use the wooden beams to loosely weave your string lights. Remember you don't always need a hanging point for each individual light. 

pergola lights

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