How to decide which festoon light bulb is right for you?

 Create stylish lighting displays with ease with our range of stunning connectable festoon lights which are all rated IP65 or the less technical term - waterproof! 

With seven different styles of bulbs to choose from, our connectable lights all feature different lengths to suit your venue, garden or home. Here you'll find the perfect outdoor lights to introduce a glow to large gardens and add a touch of warmth to any event! 

No matter what type of light you’re looking for, festoon fanatics will rejoice at our extensive collection, with an option to suit everyone. Our dimmable festoon light collection will ensure you find the perfect brightness setting for your space.  


Festoon Set Dimmable Max Connect with Dimmer Max Connect No Dimmer Flush Mount  Drop Hang 
G40 7.6m 25B  YES 10 10 NO YES
G45 10m 10B Classic Glass Bulb NO N/A 20 YES NO
G45 10m 10B Classic Transp, Multi, Milky NO N/A 75 YES NO
G45 10m 20B NO N/A 20 YES NO
Classic S14 10m 10B NO N/A 75 NO YES
S14 5.5m 10B YES 10 20 YES YES
S14 10m 10B YES 10 20 YES YES
S14 10m 20B YES 5 37 YES YES
S14 10m 15B YES 6 50 YES YES
A60 10m 10B YES 6 75 NO YES
A19 10m 10B YES 10 50 NO YES
ST58 10m 10B YES 4 30 NO YES
G80 10m 10B YES 4 30 NO YES


We also often get asked about bulb wattages and lumens. Simply put, lumens equals brightness and watts measures energy used. Don't be fooled by incandescent bulbs with the same brightness as they will use much more energy and be more costly in the long run. Always opt for LED Bulbs. 

Here is a summary of all our bulbs so you can compare and find what you are looking for. A standard ambient brightness without being too bright 220 Lumens. Our G40 is half that at 110 Lumens but you have smaller spacing and more bulbs so this brightness level suits this style. The larger bulbs have a higher wattage of up to 600 lumens but you have the ability to dim these so brightness isn't such a concern with these collections.

Festoon Set Bulb Bulb Colour Bulb Size (mm) Bulb Spacing (cm) Bulb Wattage Bulb Lumens
G40 7.6m 25B  Plastic Clear 30 x 40 40 1w 110LM
G45 10m 10B  Plastic Milky, Transparent, Multi  45 x 70 100 1w 100LM
G45 10m 10B Glass Clear 45 x 75 100 2w 110LM
G45 10m 20B Glass Clear 46 x 75 100 1w 220LM
S14 10m 10B Glass Clear 45 x 84 100 2w 240LM
S14 5.5m 10B Plastic Clear 45 x 84 50 2w 220LM
S14 10m 10B Plastic Clear 45 x 84 100 2w 220LM
S14 10m 20B Plastic Clear 45 x 84 50 2w 220LM
S14 10m 15B Plastic Clear 45 x 84 100 2w 220LM
A60 10m 10B Plastic Clear  60 x 100 100 2w 240LM 
A19 10m 10B Glass Amber 60 x 110 100 3w 360LM 
ST58 10m 10B Glass Clear/Amber 58 x 135 100 5w 600LM
G80 10m 10B Glass Clear/Amber 80 x 120 100 5w 600LM


If you have any questions please email or phone 0800 300 411.

Rather than spending hours trying to navigate through the collections, we can often solve your questions within a 5 minute chat and find the right style for your area. Lighting should be simple, not complicated. We have the knowledge to make your purchasing decision easier.