Essential, Core and Fairy Lights Guide

Our commercial grade, high quality fairy lights are ideal for both the home and commercial venue. Flexible in their styling, our three ranges offer different lengths depending on your needs and can be used for indoors, outdoors or both. Our Essential, Core and Pro Series Fairy Lights can have up to 150m connected and only one power source is required! Use our comparison guide below choose the perfect lights.


Our Essential Fairy Lights will instantly brighten up any indoor space. These lights have been designed ideally for indoor use but can be used occasionally outdoor. Perfect for adding decor and a cosy light to your interior, they are an excellent value choice for any fairy light lover! Ranging from the classic fairy string light to ball fairy lights and hearts and stars, we have you covered in this range.


Our Core Fairy Lights are the ultimate finishing touch and are suitable for both indoor & outdoor use. Style them inside your home with other indoor lights for a truly cosy feel or in your garden alongside our other outdoor lights. Ideal for both domestic and commercial use, these are a staple for lighting trees, spanning courtyards, adding fairy light canopies indoors and creating instant decor indoors. They balance both style and durability! Also available in a curtain light, these are a favourite for events and parties. 


Our Pro Fairy Lights are our premium grade selection and suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they are flexible in their styling and can be paired with our other indoor and outdoor lights. These are super high quality thanks to their thick rubber cable, blister protection around the LEDs and IP65 waterproof rating. We also range these in a low voltage option which is more suitable for wrapping around trees or placing in high pedestrian traffic commercial areas. Also available in a curtain and icicle light, these will add statement lighting to any space!


Essential Series Core Series Pro Series
Cable Material PVC PVC Rubber
Cable Thickness 1.9mm 1.9mm 3.2mm
Cable Colours Clear & Black Clear & Black White & Black
Added Bulb Protection No Yes Yes
IP Rating  IP46 IP65 IP65
Waterproof  Occasional rain Yes Yes
Permanent Outdoor Installation No No Yes
Usage Indoors Indoors & Outdoors Indoors & Outdoors
Max Connections 150m 150m 150m
Standard Voltage 230V option Yes Yes Yes
Low Voltage 24V option No No  Yes