7 Festoon Lighting Mistakes Most People Make

1. They purchase cheap. 

You will be kicking yourself if you decided to go with the bargain brand that only happens to be a seasonal purchase. When several of your bulbs burn out during the offseason or you have water floating in your bulbs you'll be regretting that 'cheap buy' last summer. Buy right and buy once! Like most products, you get what you pay for.

It’s cheap because it’s made with cheap inferior parts, and you’ll probably have to replace it within 6 - 12 months (or sooner). Not only is this costly on the wallet but also the environment as you throw them in the rubbish. 

Here at Love Your Lights we are a trusted brand, rated 4.8/5 on Trustpilot. Not only are we trusted by residential customers but also our many commercial customers including The Hilton, Christchurch Casino and Black Barn. Just like these companies exude quality, so do their lights!

Also going with a brand that stores stock all year will ensure that there will also be replacement bulbs for these strings year around as well. Many DIY stores set aside space for a big summer rush on fairy lights and festoon lights yet when you need those spare bulbs come winter, where are they? 

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2. They assume the big DIY stores will have quality lighting. 

As per above, you get what you pay for and generally these more well known stores range the entry level pricing brands. 

In particular we get many customers who have purchased cheap solar only to be disillusioned about the solar lighting. We hear about water logged bulbs, sets no longer working, cables breaking or bulbs which can't be replaced. Buy Right. Buy Once. 

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3. They don't check the IP ratings 

Not all lights are 'waterproof' despite claims from retailers. 

If you plan to use your lights outside all year round or in areas where they can be exposed to heavy downpours always go with a IP65 rating for waterproof lighting. This is non-negotiable if you want your lights to last. 

If you have your lights outside under say a covered pergola all year round then an IP46 rating will be fine. 

In short, IP44 is not fully protected against the ingress of moisture and water and therefore not completely waterproof. They can tolerate some rain and occasional showers but not year round rain. 

IP65 however is considered waterproof. 

4. They order from overseas websites and can't find replacement connectors, extension cables or bulbs. 

We recommend buying from a company who can supply you locally all year round with all your accessories and replacement bulbs, should you need them. It is very hard to try and match overseas purchases with local brands. 

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5. They choose big bulbs without looking at the wattage and lumens per bulb. 

Festoon lighting is mood lighting, not spotlighting or feeling like you've walked into a brightly lit McDonalds! Again, we hear from people who have purchased from companies who can discount product as they bring in bulk quantities. These websites don't empower the customer with their decisions and often this finer yet crucial detail is lost in the small print. Rather than the ambient 2w bulbs they find their space is now super bright with 5w non dimmable bulbs!  

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6. They Use Halogen or Incandescent Bulbs

Unfortunately many believe this saves money as yes they are cheaper to purchase so they buy halogen or incandescent bulbs instead of LED. Halogen and incandescent bulbs burn hot, attract insects and use much more power which will cost you more money. Many cheaper stores will advertise these products and while they look similar to the LED versions (if not the same) always make sure you are purchasing LEDs. 

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7. They Purchase the Wrong Colour Light

Whatever you do make sure you choose a a warm white, ideally 2700k for that golden hue! If you go too cool with a white colour your place will feel sterile, cold and uninviting. Go too yellow and you'll have the orange tan effect. 

Here at Love Your Lights we want you to be empowered when you make your decision, knowing you are purchasing the perfect lights for your space. 

We are always happy to answer questions, provide advice or give tailored information on the right lighting for your needs. Send us photos, give us measurments, or just pick up the phone for a quick chat. Often we can solve your questions in a few minutes. 

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