Hire Collection Terms & Conditions

By hiring from Love Your Lights Ltd, you agree to our Terms & Conditions of Hire.

All our items are priced on our website. All Hire Prices include GST.  Our minimum hire order is $50.00 (not including bond or delivery fees).

Hire Period
The standard hire period for items is 7 days hire which begins from the courier Pick Up Day to the courier Return Collection Day. The delivery time is factored into the 7 day hire and on average it will take 1-3 days for delivery to you, so actual on-site hire time is between 4-6 days depending on your location. It is the same price whether you hire for 1 day or for 7.  There is no discount for shorter hire periods. You are responsible for the goods during the period of hire.

Delivery & Collection
Your hire includes courier delivery to you as well as a Pre-paid Courier ticket. All you need to do is book the Courier via the details on the Courier ticket.

It is your responsibility as the hirer to make sure the items are packed safely and couriered back within the 7 day period.  We recommend that the same packaging is reused to return the lights. Any items broken on the return courier through packing negligence will be charged at replacement cost.

We supply the courier tickets for the return journey.  The tickets are PRE-PAID and it is your responsibility to keep them in a safe place until it is time to return the hire items. 

A $200 bond / damage deposit is included with the invoice, which is refunded when all hire items have been returned and checked for damage. The bond will be refunded when all hire items have been safely returned, checked and cleaned.  This can take up to five (5) working days after return.  We do not give the bond back on return of the lights without inspection.

You are responsible for all items while they are in your possession. This includes damage, breakage & loss. Any items left at unattended premises remain your responsibility. Any damages will be paid from the bond. If damage / loss is greater than the bond, the hirer will pay the balance.

Changes to your booking
Please contact us to amend your booking. We are to be notified in writing if you wish to make any changes or cancellation of your booking.

We supply specific boxes and packaging for the items. Please also keep all packaging which is given to you as some packaging cannot be replaced. You will be charged a replacement fee if it is not returned.  Please make it clear to your venue, stylist or planner that the boxes must be stored not thrown away.  Please consider the next person hiring after you – if you have damaged an item from mistreatment, you will be charged for replacement of that item.

Sub-hire of product
If the hirer chooses to sub-hire the items on behalf of someone else the product and payment responsibility remains that of the initial hirer.

Please advise us of all cancellations as soon as you can.  Any cancellations will receive a 100% refund. Any cancellations received after the lights have been dispatched will not receive a refund.

We MUST be notified IN WRITING of any cancellations/changes to bookings.

All hire items remain the property of Love Your Lights.