DIY Hanging Dining Table Decoration with Seed Fairy Lights

This year it's all about saving money where we can so why not get crafting and create your own dining table hanging decoration! Seed Fairy Lights will make your decor pop and create a warm light from above. Cost effective, it's the perfect feature to impress your guests this festive season. All you need is a hula hoop, some christmas garlands or source foliage from outside, seed fairy lights, ribbon and wire. 

1. Prepare Your Hoop

To begin, use a large hula hoop as your base. To avoid the hoop being visible, wrap with hessian ribbon to give it an intentional rustic elegance. Simply wrap under and over, going all the way round the hoop and secure with tape to hold in place.

Christmas Lights

2. Secure Your Garlands or Foliage

Choose our battery powered seed fairy lights to weave in and around your hoop. Next begin to wrap your garland around the hoop and secure with strong gardening wire or similar. 

Christmas Garlands

Seed Fairy Lights

3. Decorate

With the fiddliest part complete, add a festive touch with dainty decorations. For a pop of colour, add mushroom picks that create interest or simply use some excess baubles that didn't make it on the tree this year. Keep it simple with just a few scattered amongst the garlands or pack them in for a merry and vibrant appeal.

Decorating Christmas Garlands

4. Suspend and Secure

Once content with the finished look, attach three lengths of ribbon (or similar) to three points of the hoop frame, then gather and tie at the top to make a secure pyramid structure to suspend from. Using either a ceiling hook or beam, secure your ribbons and gently release to see your decoration hang perfectly above your dining table.

How to create a Christmas Hanging Decoration

Finishing Touches

Perfect to adorn any dining space, this impressive hanging decoration is a lovely addition to any space, big or small. Set your table with an abundance of decorative ambient lighting and weave our battery seed fairy lights along the table then bask under your decoration for cosy festive dinner parties with your loved ones this Christmas! 

Hanging Christmas Decoration with Seed Fairy Lights